Thursday, August 27, 2020

Philosophy & ethics WeNo 8/26

Philosophy & Ethics

Wednesday Notes (WeNo) - 8/26/20

What a pleasure it was to meet all my new Sport Philosophers! That's what I call all my students in the PE 4843 Sport Philosophy & Ethics of Sport and Exercise. I cannot wait for all the pondering, reflecting, and debating we will do.  Technology issues aside, it was a great class! I loved meeting all of you. Remember, Friday class will be virtual as per A-States social distancing protocol guidelines; so I will see you on zoom! Here are a couple of resources before we met again. 

  1. The full version of the syllabus
  2. The course overview video
  3. The assignments overview video
  4. The presentation schedule
Course overview video

Assignments overview video

Action items: 
  • Check the presentation schedule link above to find out when you present and start preparing your presentation. Especially if you are presenting this upcoming class. 
  • Everyone must find the assigned article in the library and read it. 
  • Everyone must turn in a 3-2-1 assignment on Blackboard before class
  • Don't forget you can be randomly selected to talk to the class about your 3-2-1 assignment. 
Stay safe and healthy! See you next class <><

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