Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Philosophy & Ethics MoNo 8/31

 Philosophy & Ethics

Monday Notes (MoNo)  - 8/31/20

Thank you all for an energetic and dynamic Monday class and discussion. Special thanks to Halle for a brilliant presentation on Campbell and McNamee (2020) and to Brett for contributing to the discussion about bovine breeding techniques. Both were most enlightening. Here are a few questions to ponder after reading the article: 

  • Should testing for "desirable" traits allow parents to select offspring characteristics? or should it be limited to aptitude detection? 
  • Are these genetic attitudinal predispositions reliable (can they be trusted)?
    • If so, does aiming a child towards their genetic aptitudes benefit them by maximizing their opportunities, or harm them by limiting their options and preventing them from exploring meaningful activities? 
  • Vets, owners, and breeders should act in the best interest of equine athletes. What does that look like to you in the context of the article? 
  • Would you recommend a complete ban of gene editing (either for therapeutic or enhancement purposes), a blanket permission, or a compromise of the two? What are the ethical grounds for your decision and how would you enforce it?
As always, here are a few action items before next class. 
  1. Check the presentation schedule and prepare your presentation if you are scheduled to present. 
  2. Go to the library website, find the article for Wednesday's class, and read it.  The full APA reference information you need to find the article is located in the syllabus, as is the calendar so you know what article is assigned for Wednesday. 
  3. Turn in your 3-2-1 assignment #2 on blackboard before class. 
  4. Come to class (or zoom as assigned) prepared to discuss the assigned article and your 3-2-1 assignment in case you get randomly selected to talk about it. 
If you have been exposed to COVID please do not forget you can join us on zoom too, even if you are scheduled to come to class. The zoom link is in the content tab on blackboard. Stay safe and healthy! See you next class. <><


Campbell, M. H., & McNamee, M. J. (2020). Ethics, Genetic Technologies and Equine Sports: The Prospect of Regulation of a Modified Therapeutic Use Exemption Policy. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, 1-24.

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