Thursday, February 23, 2023

Blog post assignment

Let's get to writing people! In some courses we do videos, in some course we write blog posts. How fun is that! Fist let's talk about the blog post elements: The topic, the headline, the hook, and the solution. 

Notice I said the topic, not the topics. You will not be discussing multiple things, and you will not lead the reader on a treasure hunt or enchanted quest to a mystical land. Be attractive, yet concise, and keep it focused on a singular idea. 

Then there is the title. This  will show up on a search engine before your audience makes a decision to click or not to click. It should be enticing, engaging, and truthful to the content of the post. 

Let us now discuss what bloggers refer to as the hook. That is exactly what it sounds like. You are hooking readers into reading more, such as the headline hooks them into clicking, the first sentence into reading the second sentence, the third sentence into reading the forth, and on and on. Usually this is done by presenting a problem or question to which you offer a solution. For example, you have an assignment to complete (the blog post assignment, that is a question you need answered or a problem you need a solution to): hook. You are reading this post for tips on how to complete your assignment. 

That is known as the solution. In the body of the blog post, you will offer your unique take on how to solve the problem or answer the question posed on the headline. In this case I offered the headline blog post assignment. Pretty straight forward if you ask me. That is intentional, as I am not trying to attract readers from all over the internet, I am intentionally directing my students where they need to go for assignment tips. In the body I gave you the four sections I am looking for in the assignment.  

To recap, stick to a single topic (from those covered in class), have an attractive title or headline, hook the audience, and offer a solution. Good luck everyone! Remember to contact your academic assistant with questions.

Here is a beautiful example of a sports blog:

Keep in mind these are professionals writing these blogs. Can you see how they focus on a single topic, they have a title, a hook, and a solution? More so the first one (non-sports related) than the second one (sports related) as the sport's one is more of a news blog post. It still has the principles in there, they are just more difficult to pinpoint as they have more content, interviews, stats, etc (which you do not need for your blog). You do need to cite your sources if you quote anybody or the literature, keep that in mind. 

Photo: Typewriter spells something worth reading by Suzy Hazelwood
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Here is a short and sweet example of a non-sport related communication blog entry: