Thursday, July 8, 2021

Sport Communication Syllabus - Summer 2021

In case you missed my awesome interactive syllabus 
ESPE 6143 Sport Communication -10A
CRN 30514
 ESPE 6143 - 10A

Sport Comm FAQ week 1

 Hello sport communicators, 

Thank you for submitting your questions to your academic coaches: 

Ms. Melanie Hosty (

Ms. Kristen Buynar (

Mr. Mark Zeka (

They compiled them for me and here is the summary of the need to know. 

  1. I have discontinued the use of the writing center for the syllabus assignment. What you saw on that video was residual from last year when I was trying that out. I found it did not scale well, so we will no longer be using them for small assignments like the synthesis papers. 
  2. The discussions should include all articles for the week, not just one article. 
  3. The mini-doc info sheet has been redone. 
  4. Yuja has also been discontinued. A-State has now contracted with Kalutra and IT has made you a how-to video in case you are struggling to upload your intro video. It is located in week 1 activities' folder.  
  5. You can make your mini-doc on an organization (or part of an organization) you work for, and it does not have to be pro sports. It can be anything in parks and rec, high school, club sports, college athletics, you name it!
Check out this video for more detailed information =D