Thursday, September 30, 2021

Mega-events physical activity legacy

 Article summary

We would like sport mega-events to leave lasting legacies in the communities than host them. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. The hosting city hopes to have tangible legacies, such as increased tourism; intangible ones, such as national pride; and affect the community's education, infrastructure, and activity levels. 

Theories used to study legacies of mega-events: 

  • Demonstration effect: Inspire physical activity from watching elite performers
  • Festival effect: Inspire physical activity through community enthusiasm and a convivial atmosphere. 
There is little evidence of prolonged increases in participation due to hosting mega-events. However, there is hope for cities to still impact the activity levels of their citizens when hosting sporting mega-events if the government 1) engages the community, 2) develops long-lasting strategies, and 3) coordinates efforts with stakeholders. 

Annear, M. J., Shimizu, Y., & Kidokoro, T. (2019). Sports mega-event legacies and adult physical activity: A systematic literature review and research agenda. European Journal of Sport Science, 19(5), 671–685.