Thursday, November 3, 2022

SCCT flowchart

Practitioner recommendation for sport communication professionals to respond to crises. Love this idea!

Reputational crises: Damages reputation without having organizational impact. 

Operational crises: Impacts operations. 

Situational crises communication theory - 4 steps: 

1) Id crisis type

2) Assess reputational threat

3) Choose response: Denial, diminish, or rebuild

4) Execute response

SCCT flowchart can help remove uncertainty and expedite the selection of a response strategy. Watch the quick video for context.

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Feedback themes

 Hello Sport Communicators, 

The most common theme from the Stop, start, continue feedback sheet was you all liked the assignment examples and detailed feedback, but without the group stats bit. I hear you. I will continue this practice and remove the group statistics in an effort to help you thrive in the course. If this is not reflective of your learning style and you need to come talk to me feel free to stay after class and discuss the topics or assignments more in depth.  I am here to help you learn in the way that is best for you, come see me!

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Synthesis examples

Synthesis: The combination (union, blending, or mixing) of ideas to form a theory or system. 

Synthesis one scores distribution Fall 2022 - Sport Comm

Check out the syntheses examples with feedback here

Friday, September 16, 2022

Sport comm class

 Well, yesterday was a fun class. My students and I had a lively discussion that culminated in this gem. 

You all rock!

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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Relationship marketing

Abeza, G., O’Reilly, N., & Braunstein-Minkove, J. R. (2020). Relationship Marketing: Revisiting the Scholarship in Sport Management and Sport Communication. International Journal of Sport Communication, 13(4), 595–620.

by Henry Skolnick

Class discussion video: 

Class discussion after some tech issues were resolved: 

Sport Marketing play list

 What are they calling this nowadays? I wanted to call it a mix tape, lol, but I do not think that is right. Anyways, about mid-week on week 1 I asked my students what songs are filling them with light right now. Yes, I am that sappy. Judge away. I did not get responses right away, so I told them Sofia (my 4 year old) suggested baby shark and that would be what we listened to during our class break next class. Then CJ came to the rescue with an amazing song. When class break time came about on week 2, we decided CJ's song was more appropriate for around midterm time. So we listened to Eddies suggestion. Here it is: 

On week 3 we are listening to Kellen and Ellie's suggestions below: 

I look forward to see what other suggestions my awesome Sport Marketers have to lighten up the mood during our class breaks and as we get to know each other better during the term =D

What about my online students and students from other classes? Post links to the songs that are filling you with light right now. Keep it PG please as this is an education bog ;P