Thursday, November 3, 2022

SCCT flowchart

Practitioner recommendation for sport communication professionals to respond to crises. Love this idea!

Reputational crises: Damages reputation without having organizational impact. 

Operational crises: Impacts operations. 

Situational crises communication theory - 4 steps: 

1) Id crisis type

2) Assess reputational threat

3) Choose response: Denial, diminish, or rebuild

4) Execute response

SCCT flowchart can help remove uncertainty and expedite the selection of a response strategy. Watch the quick video for context.


  1. Great informative video on esports violence. It crazy to think and realize that is this the modern world that we live and it goes to show that there are both pros and cons to everything in this world . This video sparked my interest level because the school in which I currently intern ( Rust College) is apart of GCAG athletic conference in the NAIA, has currently developed an Esports League

    1. Great summary of the article. The revenue figures you were looking for were: $493 million in 2016, $655 million in 2017, projections of over $900 million in 2018 (page 227 of article). I love the idea of having a visual SCCT chart to aid in a quick response during a crisis. I also think that there should be a standing committee that is available to quickly help with the response (as you said and the article says - the sport PR practitioners have lots on their plate these days). I really think that the secondary response strategy of bolstering is important but organizations need to be careful that they do not come across as bragging about past achievements. Finally, esports are really growing at the high school level these days. I have a co-worker who has a son who participates in esports for a large high school in Madison, Alabama. They compete against other high schoolers and also travel to tournaments to compete. With the growth of the sport, security needs to be a big part of the process of putting on an event.

      Gordon Stanford, EPSE 6643 (Current Readings Seminar), Fall II 2022

  2. The Madden Tournament killings was a tragedy that I feel could have been prevented if the right precautions were in place. The administrators of the event should have been proactive rather than reactive in handling the health and well being of its competitors. Esports is growing and all participants need to be protected!!

  3. I feel that this tragedy could have been avoided if the right measures were in place. It is important to be proactive rather than reactive. Sports as a whole is growing, especially eSports and there have to be safety measures in place to protect those participating. I think the SCCT model is a great place to start and can be easily built on and beneficial for many types of crises.

  4. Michael Combs / Current Readings SeminarNovember 9, 2022 at 11:40 AM

    I also love the idea of having a quick way to calmy start to address a crisis. In my position, we have been faced with multiple crisis this school year, and we have responded effectively. One of those crisis did pose a great reputational threat to the school and our department.

  5. You will never be able to predict this type of horrible event. I do believe that any time there is a group gathering of people at an event, the security and safety protocols need to be set in place. The more training that is implemented will help but not prevent these terrible scenes.

  6. As previously stated, this is something that could not be prevented. It was a spur-of-the-moment act, due to the result of the competition. Increased security at these types of events is now a necessity, due to this. The impact of this will now reach more people than those involved. For a person that is attending and watching the event, they will have to take more precautions. The people putting on E-Sports events, the location will now have to be more secure and they will have to have increased security. This takes away from the profit made on this event. Money is not everything, especially when lives are at stake, but they are something that the people putting the event on have to consider now. These types of events can only be lessons that people use when preparing for future events.

  7. These are the events that you read about in the news and you wonder why it happens and how happens. You can only prepare so much for a tragedy like this to occur, but you can try your hardest to prevent this too. Nobody should be able to enter a sporting event without getting security checked and walking through metal detectors and clearing their pockets. The world is becoming such a scary place, you wonder always how to be the most safe. As more situations like this occur, we should expand our security systems and be prepared for events like this to happen.

  8. This could not have been avoided. It was a spur-of-the-moment act due to the outcome of the competition. As a result, increased security is now required at these types of events. The consequences will now affect more people than those who were directly involved. Anyone attending or watching the event should take extra precautions. E-Sports event organizers will now be required to make their venues more secure and secure. This reduces the profit generated by this event. Money isn't everything, especially when lives are on the line, but it's something that event organizers must think about now.

  9. The madden tournament killing was ridiculous and something that could have easily been avoided. After this event took place it was made aware of how little security that those types of events have, and has helped other sports realize how weak their security can be. If something like this can happen that easily there then it could have happened anywhere.

  10. It is really unfortunate that large crowds like this will always bring the risk of people making violent choices. It is important for us to understand that there will always be risks no matter how secure we think a venue may be. Unfortunately there are people that have it set in their minds that they want to ruin it. We as professionals need to have the information on how to react and have the knowledge from past tragedies to help us stop future ones from getting out of hand. This even was truly unfortunate and no one wishes more will take place. Safety is most important and we must exercise it at all times.