Thursday, September 29, 2022

Synthesis examples

Synthesis: The combination (union, blending, or mixing) of ideas to form a theory or system. 

Synthesis one scores distribution Fall 2022 - Sport Comm

Check out the syntheses examples with feedback here


  1. Thank you for the useful examples and this blog. Prior to enrolling in the Sport Administration Grad program late last spring, I had not been a student in greater than 12 years, much-less online only! I am thankful for instructors like you and information like this to help me along the way. Gracias!

  2. Dr. Benavides, thank you so much for providing your students useful information throughout your blog posts. As future sports professionals, we could all use the extra information that you've provided! Extremely grateful for professors like you!

  3. I agree that understanding how fans interact is very important. I also believe that social media is a big factor of the sport industry.