Thursday, September 17, 2020

Video assignments with the new YuJa tool

 Hello everyone! If you have not noticed, we have a new tool on blackboard for our videos. It is called YuJa, and it replaced our VoiceThread assignments. Here are the submission instructions for video assignments such as PechaKucha presentations, Mini-docs, recorded presentations, etc. There is also a video below in case you wanna see the steps. 

  1. Have your video ready to go (knowing where you saved it is important ;P)
  2. Click on the assignment link
  3. Click on write assignment
  4. Click on mashup
  5. Upload your video by clicking browse or dragging your video icon
  6. Submit
Have fun creating your videos. I expect great things from you, bring it!

Here is another video on how to upload your video to your A-State YouTube account in case you have trouble with YuJa. That way you can still submit it =)

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