Monday, September 14, 2020

Philosophy & ethics MoNo 9/14

 Philosophy & Ethics

Monday Notes (MoNo) - 9/14/20

Thrilling chat discussion on zoom today. Thanks to all of you who participated, although for some reason I have the strange feeling that I am talking to myself when I read off the chat. Makeup presentations are scheduled for Monday 9/20/20. If you are planning on a university excused trip that day and you need to make up your presentation you may ask the communication center for help to record it and submit it ahead of time. The video with the short version of the lesson is included above, and here are some questions for you to ponder: 

  • Does sport really have a toxic culture? 
    • Reflect on your rationale
  • What is the main societal source of the gendered roles we see reflected in sport and how can we affect change in that particular source? 
  • What are the implications of equality that people often discuss, and the implications you can think of that are less discussed? 
  • Are sports and society ready for a change? 
  • Are you ready for change? Do you want societal change? Why or why not? 
Action items before next class
  1. Complete the alphabet assignment and turn it in on blackboard. 
  2. Show up ready to discuss (remember we are meeting on zoom at least until the 25th) 
    • Remember your attendance is tied up to your discussion participation and missing 10% drops you a letter grade. Do not miss out because you are unprepared. 
    • The assigned reading for Wednesday is Grosset, Y., & Attali, M. (2011). The international institutionalization of sport ethics. Society, 48(6), 517.
  3. Princeton presents this Wednesday on Grosset & Attali (2011)
  4. Next up is Matti's presentation on Ingerson and Naraine (2019), but that's not until Friday, just giving her and you all a heads up. 
Stay safe and healthy. I will see you on zoom next class <><

Breger, M. L., Holman, M. J., & Guerrero, M. D. (2019). Re-Norming Sport for Inclusivity: How the Sport Community Has the Potential to Change a Toxic Culture of Harassment and Abuse. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, 13(2).

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