Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Help wanted

Cool research opportunity alert! Ok, this is more like a "your professor is geeking out alert", but it's ok. I embrace my geekiness. I will be collecting data this Fall (2020) on a research project with high schoolers, and I get to work with 2 wonderful students who are interested in doing research for up to 100 hours at $10/hr. 
Ideally you will be an undergraduate student with a GPA of over 3.25 willing to continue the research after this semester, for which you and I will apply for additional funding. Graduate students who are interested in applying for external funding and plan on doing a thesis on this topic will also be considered. 

Just as a reminder, my research revolves around sexual harassment in sport.  This topic has made some of you blush in the past (me included), so this may be a great opportunity to push your (our) boundaries a little bit while you help me push society's. If you are interested please contact me at to let me know. Include research assistant on the subject line; your name, id number, major, classification, and GPA in the body of the email.  I will be in touch by mid-September. 

Have a great Fall everyone <><

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