Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Sport Communication TuNo

Sport Communication

Tuesday Notes (TuNo)

What a great class you'll! Thank you for making the class so interactive. I really appreciate your discussion and contributions. I wanted to leave a couple of resources here for you so you have access to what went on in class. Here you will find  

  1. The long version of the syllabus
  2. The course overview video
  3. The assignments overview video
  4. The presentation schedule
Course overview video

Assignments overview video

Action items: 
  • Start preparing your presentation (especially if you present this upcoming week!). Off the top of my head, those are Destinee. Kierra, Marquis, Cedrick, and Tanner, but please double-check the presentation schedule link above. 
  • Everyone must come to class having read the articles
  • Everyone must come ready to discuss
  • Everyone must turn in a synthesis on blackboard before class time -blackboard is coming up, thank you for your patience and grace. 
  • Everyone must come ready to informally present on their synthesis. 
  • Bring your best skycam and sideline cam pictures or video for show and tell. 
Good luck everyone, see you Tuesday

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