Friday, June 12, 2020

Internship weekly reports

    Hello interns! I am so excited that you have made it all the way to your M. S. Sport Administration internship.  Here is where the rubber meats the road and you put all the content you have been learning about for the past one to two years into practice.  It can be very rewarding... and very frustrating, so I have made this post to try to help you navigate one of your internship class requirements: The weekly report.  

    This is how I like my weekly reports formatted and how much detail I like on them.  This may not apply to other professors in our program.  Always check with your instructor and make sure you read your feedback and make adjustments as required before turning in your next assignment so your grades take an upward trajectory as the course goes on.  
    The basic elements are: 1) Your name, 2) the name of the organization or department where you are interning and the name of the internship supervisor, 3)  the dates for that week, 4) The number of hours you worked that week, 5) the total cumulative internship hours.  Some students find this tricky. This just means to add up your internship hours from week 1 to date.  Let's say this is week 3 of your internship, and you have worked 10 hours each week. You will report 10 hours for #4, which is the number of hours worked for the week, and 30 hours for #5, which is the number of hours total (10 in week 1 + 10 in week 2 + 10 in week 3 = 30 hours total).

    On to the meat and potatoes of the form. In #6 you give me a description of your responsibilities and activities during the week. I want you to be thorough. I know the form says brief, but it is a misnomer.  the more detailed you are the better.  It should include a) your perspectives of the activities, b) lessons learned during the week, c) describe how this weeks activities contribute to your internship objectives, and d) describe how this weeks activities contribute to your career goals.  Here is a good example from a student who previously got full credit.  What questions do you have? Please post them below so students coming after you can see the answers. 

Good luck everyone!

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