Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Midterm suggestions

 It is midterm suggestions time! (at least for some of you, do not forget I have courses going on 16-week time periods, and courses going on 7-week time periods, so if this seems like an odd time to post a midterm suggestion post, that's because this particular eval probably does not apply to you :P

Check out the form below. It is anonymous. so I will not know who said what, but you are still a person (and my student), and I am still a person (and your professor, who has your best interest at heart and is trying extra hard to give you the best college or graduate experience possible). Thus, I expect you not to take this anonymity as an excuse to be a jerk (OK?). I still expect the utmost professionalism and respect from you, and kindly worded feedback. 


Dr. Benavides

Here is some audio for you because I am trying something new =D

Here is the survey: 

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