Thursday, November 12, 2020

Online Writing Center

Let me be proactive here and send you information about the Online Writing Center (OWC) requirement on your literature reviews.

You have to make an appointment with the OWC sometime between now and the due date of your assignment for it to get graded at full credit. If you do not we will take 10% off the top of the paper (i.e. on the Fall 2 2020 Current readings class that is 5/50 points). Let me tell you, though, those students who use the OWC before they turn in assignments get higher grades than those who do not, so even in classes where this is not a requirement you may want to check them out to improve your grades. 

In the video below I walk you through the steps, but they are basically these: 

  1. Go to the OWC website
  2. Click on penji on the right-hand menu
  3. Create a penji profile if you haven't already by entering your A-State email and verifying it
  4. Click on the type of appointment you want (synchronous or asynchronous)
  5. Select your time slot
  6. Select your tutor
  7. Confirm the type of appointment (synchronous or asynchronous)
  8. Verify the information and click confirm
  9. Meet your tutor at the time slot you selected. 

Good luck on your papers everyone, work hard, and I cannot wait to hear how the OWC appointments went. 


  1. My situation was different I had to use ESPE 6643 not the CRN I wonder why ? is that difference between the Learning and Teaching selection ?
    -Erich Seals CRN 62713

  2. This was very helpful getting my session set up! Thank you!

  3. Thanks for posting this tutorial on how to set up an appointment! I was pretty stressed about getting this set up, but this post was extremely helpful!
    -Matthew Phillippy (Current Readings Seminar)

  4. Thank you, I was not sure about how to do this. This was very helpful.

    Brandon Lovorn (Current Readings Seminar)

  5. Definitely recommend using the OWC! They are easy to schedule a time with and are great to work with.

  6. I was able to make an appointment and it was very helpful to talk to someone about what a literature review is.
    Aaron Farmer (CRS)

  7. If not for the writing center being a requirement for this paper I probably wouldn't have used it but I'm glad we had to. It allowed me to clear things up about what a literature review was and being able to talk out my ideas allowed me to come up with better ideas for the paper.

  8. Getting an appointment for the writing center and openly discussing the information I wanted to cover in the assignment was made extremely easy due to the tutorial video posted. I had struggled to solidify the structure of our assignment beforehand but after the OWC appointment I received helpful insight on the questions I presented.

    Brian Wirth (Current Readings Seminar)

  9. This was super helpful to have a visual of how to use the writing center. It has been several years since I've needed to use any sort of education center, and they're all much more technology savvy than 10 years ago! These instructions made it a breeze. When I first found out we had to use the writing center, I thought I don't need it, I know how my paper will look. However it was really nice to talk it out with someone. He helped me outline my thoughts, literally with a written outline. Talking it out really helped me understand my argument and organize the information from the articles I had read.
    -Megan Lopez (Current Readings Seminar)

  10. This was a tremendous help in learning how to set up a session with the writing center. I had not used it for my previous classes, but like the idea of utilizing this resources going forward. In fact, if it was not for this video and being part of our paper, I might have never attempted to utilize the writing center. I appreciate you creating this video and bringing this resource to my attention!

    Greg Rahn
    Current Readings Seminar - Section 5 Student

  11. I have been out of school for a minute and have not written a paper. The writing center helped me with resources I to get access for my articles, helped with formatting, and assisted in ideas for my paper.
    -Leigha Conley

  12. I am thankful for the OWC when it came to completing the literature review. I have never had to complete an assignment like this before in either of my other two stops in grad school at West Virginia University or University of Missouri. What was great about the OWC is that I found the willingness of everyone to help. They take the time to answer your questions and even provided me with graphic organizers that I would later use when I completed the assignment. Even though I was very adept at writing papers, this assignment provided a challenged and it was good to know that there was help if needed. I wish that I had used it earlier in my ASU career to help a few questions that I had.

    -Joe Youngblood

  13. Setting up an appointment was a very easy process. I appreciate the access we have even as online students. However, I was disappointed that my tutor from the writing had never written a literature review, let along a systematic literature review. At least we were able to brainstorm some next steps.
    Sadé Gant, ESPE6643

  14. When I set up my meeting, I found it so easy to do. I had never used Penji before or Zoom (I'm one of the lucky few who haven't needed it yet this pandemic) but the steps were so clear and really made it easy to navigate. The person who tutored me helped me structure my paper and helped me really organize my thoughts so my paper flowed better.