Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Mini-doc feedback

Great job on your drafts today guys. I know they were rough, but that is the idea of a draft. Let's take our feedback and run with that. I cannot wait to see what all you come up with for the final mini-doc products next week. Just as a matter of summary here is the general feedback tossed around in the classroom: 

  • Live class footage
  • Hype music or mixed music (think DJ)
  • Client or student interview
  • Coaches interviews
  • List hours, classes, or other important information
  • Pay attention to sound quality
  • Interview graduates employed in the industry
  • Voice over pictures
  • Smooth out transitions
Next week activities (10/20)
In class: Mini-doc final draft
  1. Midterm
  2. Self-evaluation
Don't forget I am off to an all-day workshop the week after (10/27) so we will do an asynchronous discussion. Those of you presenting an article, please send me your voice over slides by 10/26. You can find the presentation roster here.  

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