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Sport Management online program internship application

Hi Sport Managers. This post includes instructions for students in the online B.S. Sport Management students to apply for internships. Undergraduate and graduate residential students must contact Dr. Amanda Wheeler Gryffin or check out the residential student internship information website. Students in the online M.S. Sport Administration program should contact Dr. LaVetter or check out the internship instructions in the learning platform (canvas). Their respective emails are and


"Capstone experience for Exercise Science, Health Promo­tion, and Sport Management majors. Enrollment must occur during the last semester of degree program. Must have completed all departmental requirements, including C or better in all major courses."

Internship activities

BSSM students will complete 240 hours of sport management work in a vetted organization (i.e. sales, marketing, management, compliance, communication, etc in the sport industry). Activities outside the scope of sport management will not count towards the 240 hours. In the internship site, you will be supervised. by a vetted site supervisor. Examples of sport management internship can be found in this blog entry

The activities completed and their appropriateness to sport management will be evaluated by a faculty supervisor via student and supervisor submissions on the learning platform. These include, but are not limited to, internship objectives, career objectives, weekly logs, supervisor evaluations of the student, and student evaluations of the internship site as well as their program. For information on weekly logs check out this blog entry. All internship hours myst be accrued through the duration of the internship term.


A-State online allows a maximum of 6 credits per term. Each internship course is three (3) credits. An intern must complete two 3-credit courses to meet the major requirements. Keep in mind Summer I and Summer II sessions are 5 weeks long and Fall I, Fall, II, Spring I, and Spring II sessions are 7 weeks long. Each term requires 120 internship hours for a total of 240. 

Application deadline

  • Fall internship: July 1st.
  • Spring Internship: November 1st.
  • Summer Internship: March 1st. 
Late applications will be approved for the next available term. 

Internship application process

Before holds are removed and you can register for an internship section you must get the site and supervisor vetted. Here are the requirements: 

  1. Review internship application instructions
  2. Meet eligibility requirements
    • All major course requirements should be completed
    • Student should have completed at least 100 hours of coursework
    • 2.00 GPA required
      • A-State requires all transfer students to have a 2.0 GPA in all A-State coursework and 2.0 GPA in all major courses to graduate. 
    • C or better in all major courses
  3. Demonstrate eligibility
    • Provide a PDF of your degree evaluation
  4. Submit completed application to internship coordinator (Dr. Benavides)
    • Application
    • Site agreement
    • Background check
    • Internship liability insurance
    • Degree evaluation
  5. Register for internship via the CRN provided by internship coordinator
For the internship manual click the picture below: 

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